The Top Five Reasons People are Moving to Nashville, TN

Music City, Nashville-Style hot Chicken, an exact replica of the Pantheon, The Grand Ole Opry… Nashville, TN is known for many things. Within recent years, one of them has been their large spike in population. Read below to find the top five reasons people are moving to Nashville, TN!

The city of Nashville, TN lit up at night

  1. Job Growth: The unemployment rate in Nashville is considerably lower than both the national unemployment rate and the unemployment rate in Tennessee. Not only is the job market booming in Nashville, it is projected to stay that way for the foreseeable future. While Nashville has always been known for having a large amount of hospitals, recently the entire healthcare industry has spiked. There are a variety of healthcare companies in Nashville, supporting about 250,000 jobs. Some people even say that with the increase of people moving to Nashville, it can be easier to find a job than a place to live.
  2. The Music: This probably goes without saying, but there is music everywhere in Nashville. And unlike other cities, not only is there music, but it’s mostly really good music. Local bars have multiple floors with live music on each floor, sometimes even with big-name artists from various genres.
  3. The Food: Nashville is a city any foodie would be happy to visit. The city is known for its BBQ, hot chicken and overall unique appeal of the local restaurants.
  4. No Personal Income Tax: Tennessee is one of the few states that doesn’t have state income taxes.
  5. The Weather: Compared to other cities in the United States, Nashville has relatively moderate weather. The average annual low temperature for Nashville sits around 37 degrees, while the average annual high temperature is around 79 degrees.

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