Self Storage for Contractors

contractor storage solutionsFor contractors and construction companies, self storage is a must. Contractors and construction workers are increasingly mobile, having to travel further and further to complete jobs. A self storage unit rental allows construction workers and contractors to store their tools in a secure location even when they’re on the go. Whether they choose to go with a short or long-term storage rental, a storage unit allows companies to be flexible in the contractor and construction industry.

Below, you will find 4 great tips to help you get the most out of your contractor storage unit rental.

Four Tips for Contractor Storage

Keep Your Tools Clean

In order to prevent the formation of rust, mold or mildew, it is important to clean your tools before you use them. Cleaning and drying your tools thoroughly before storing them will best help to protect their longevity.

Organize Your Storage Unit to Save Time

Renting a self storage unit for tool storage can be a huge time saver. But when you have to spend a large amount of time digging around in your storage unit to get to your tools, this can seem pointless. Store all of the tools that you use the most often towards the front of your storage unit. This will save you from having to spend time digging through tools and equipment that aren’t used as often. Additionally, create a narrow aisle stretching down your storage unit. This will allow you to reach tools even when they are in the back of your storage unit. This rule is especially important when you rent a large storage unit.

Use a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

A climate controlled storage unit will help to protect your tool and equipment investment. Fluctuations in temperature can damage any sensitive tools and equipment. A climate controlled storage unit will maintain a temperature that is safe for tool storage.

Store Small Items in Plastic Bins

Use clear plastic bins to store any smaller tools. Plastic bins are convenient because they are easy to stack and easy to transport from location to location. Even though the bins are clear and you’ll likely be able to see what’s inside of them, it is smart to also write an inventory list of the items included in each bin.

Consider Drive-Up Access

When you’re a contractor, time is money. This means that wasting time is not an option. Drive-up access to your storage unit allows you to pull up, grab the needed tools and get going to the next job. This is not only extremely convenient, it can also save you a great deal of time.


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