Warehouse Storage Space for Rent: Self Storage Solutions for Contractors

Warehouse Space for RentRent Warehouse Storage for Your Business

Your business never sleeps. That’s why you need a convenient warehouse storage solution. Having around-the-clock access to your supplies, equipment, or inventory is a must. Without the proper access, it is tough to stay ahead on projects. It is also important to have a storage warehouse you can trust. BC Storage offers contractor warehouse space for rent with 24/7 video surveillance. These special storage units also offer secured gate access and keypad entry.

If you’re a contractor, you can’t afford to not be able to access your stored items. If an emergency breaks out, you won’t want to wait until the following morning to take action. Having anytime access gives you the peace of mind that if duty calls, you can answer.

Likewise, you need to have peace of mind when using a warehouse storage solution. We take pride in our relationships with our contractor tenants. Our goals is to help each customer feel their lease agreement is not a source of worry or burden. Read more to learn why BC Storage is a warehouse solution you can invest in with confidence.


Don’t Overpay for Warehouse Storage

Many contractors face steep upfront costs when building their own warehouse spaces. Others rent space that is costly and that gives them more than what they actually need.

When you rent warehouse storage space with BC Storage, you get the features you need. Our units include roll-up doors and electrical access, all included with the price of rent. Get work done and save money on operating expenses with BC Storage. Find a contractor storage at a BC Storage location near you today.


Rent Warehouse Storage on a Month-to-Month Basis

Enjoy the ultimate freedom when you choose to rent warehouse space with BC Storage. We bill self storage on a month-to-month basis, meaning you can rent as long as you want. Don’t worry about cumbersome contracts! Rent when you want and leave when you need to with BC Storage. Join the many contractors who are enjoying this convenient opportunity today!

It is difficult enough to make ends meet when running a business. Avoid long-term fixed costs by investing in month-to-month warehouse space. You never know what is around the corner – if you have to move your business next month, are you prepared? BC Storage lets your business move forward one month at a time with no long term contracts to worry about.


Warehouse Storage Space You Need

Two sizes of warehouse space are available for rent: 14’ x 40 and 16’ x 40’. Both offer the expansive space contractors look for in a warehouse at a rental price that is tough to beat. These contractor storage units offer ample space for storing and feature power outlets. As an added bonus, our units are versatile enough for distribution purposes. These features collectively make BC Storage the ideal partner for any small business. Reserve the warehouse space for rent that you need today.


Learn More About Warehouse Space for Rent at BC Storage

If you need to rent contractor warehouse space, refer to our storage facility in Burns. Alternatively, give one of our knowledgeable storage experts a call during office hours.