12 South: Your One Stop to
Live, Work, Eat and Play

The 12th Avenue retail strip was once associated with high-crime, but today is beckons high-end consumers with reinvigorated shopping, hip restaurant choices, and gourmet cuisine. If you are considering a move to an up-and-coming neighborhood in Nashville, 12 South might be right for you. This chapter in the Nashville Moving Guide will show you the ins and outs of one of the cities hottest neighborhoods in order to help you decide if 12 South fits your lifestyle and needs.


A Brief History of 12 South, Nashville, TN


According to legend, widow Granny White brought her orphaned grandchildren to the part of town now known as 12 South some 200 years ago – at a time when such a trek required traversing the Cumberland Plateau. Through the years, the 12 South neighborhood struggled to attain any sort of identity outside of its crime-ridden reputation. Recently, the emergence of Nashville as one of America’s fastest growing cities has brought new energy to 12 South, turn a town to drive through into a town to live in.

Gentrification in 12 South

While the neighborhood has made a mighty comeback to attain its present livable status, commentators such as Bill Friskics-Warren of the New York Times have publicly noted the “up-and-coming” status of 12 South as a Nashville neighborhood. There remain areas where the working and highly urban classes clash – areas where renewal has not yet taken full form.

It suffices to say, however, that real estate development has been strong. Tear down projects have lined the streets of 12 South with tall, skinny houses that work to make the most of the small, urban-sized lots. While the location of the neighborhood to nightlife and culture may be excellent, the cramped living space often leaves residents looking elsewhere to store their belongings – especially vehicles and other items that take up lots of space.

5 Things to do in 12 South, Nashville, TN

  1. Grab a Slice at Mafioza’s Pizza
  2. Get Your Morning Caffeine Fix at Portland Brew
  3. Try a microbrew at 12South Taproom
  4. Check out the latest artwork at Snow Gallery
  5. Jam out at Corner Music Store

Moving to 12 South in Nashville, TN?

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