Climate Controlled Storage Near Nashville TN

Keep Your Most Important Items Safe and Protected

Do you need to store a temperature-sensitive item for a long period of time? Or do your items carry special value and memories to you and your loved ones? If this applies to you, consider placing your items in a climate-controlled storage unit.

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

A climate controlled storage unit keeps temperature levels between 55°-78° F. This temperature range keeps your enclosed storage unit free from pests, dust, dirt, and humidity. By industry standards, this temperature range is best for keeping you items safe from damage.

What Can I Store in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

We recommend using climate controlled storage for the items that mean the most to you. Storing delicate items in the wrong storage unit can result in damage and even decay. Items typically stored in a climate controlled unit include:

  • Wooden or Leather Furniture
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Business Documents or Inventory
  • Photographs, Slides, and Negatives
  • Clothing
  • Musical Instruments
  • Special Collections
    • Coins
    • Stamps
    • Comics
    • Vinyl Records
    • Cassette and VHS Tapes

Reserve a Climate Controlled Storage Unit near Nashville Today

Ready to store your delicate items? At BC Storage, we offer climate controlled storage at the following storage facilities:

Feel free to call your nearest BC Storage facility if you still need help deciding on a climate controlled storage unit. Our storage professionals are more than happy to help you find the best storage unit option for you.