Storage Unit Insurance from Tenant One

Self Storage Unit Insurance for Tenants

If your property is worth storing in one of our self-storage units, it’s worth insuring with a trusted tenant insurance provider.

Per the BC Storage lease agreement, we are not responsible for the damage or theft of your personal property from our self-storage units. This is why we strongly advise all of our tenants to protect their belongings with self-storage tenant insurance.

While BC Storage does not offer self-storage tenant insurance directly, it can be purchased through a number of self-storage tenant insurance providers, including Tenant One. Management can give you more information, as well as a helpful self-storage tenant insurance brochure that outlines all of the important details. For your convenience, you can purchase storage unit insurance directly on Tenant One website. Just be sure to ask management for your storage unit facility number.

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PLEASE NOTE: BC Storage does not make any representations or warranties as to the quality or financial stability of the tenant insurance vendors that we offer to our customers. Any information that is provided by BC Storage is for information purposes only, and we highly recommend that you conduct your own due diligence regarding the viability of any company you choose to trust for personal property insurance.

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